I over spiced my chili. How can I fix it?

Richard Schloerb


Melusine December 13, 2011
Adding some refried beans will help, too. In an emergency, I added some hummus, and while it was heresy, it wasn't bad.
SKK December 12, 2011
And serve before dinner drinks which include a lot of tequila! LOL
nutcakes December 12, 2011
How much extra spice are you talking about? Do you mean all the spices or just the heat? If you doubled the spices then make another batch with no spice and combine the two batches, season further to taste. Otherwise just dilute with extra tomatoes and beans as suggested. I disagree with the potato sugestion. The potato will just soak up a portion of the liquid, the rest of the overspiced liquid will remain in smaller quantity but at same heat level.
SKK December 12, 2011
Cheese or sourcream on top when you serve the chile will calm it down. Also, make a slurry of masa and water. It adds a great flavor and will also calm it down. One other thing, has someone tested it besides yourself? I find if I think it is too spicy, other people don't. Good luck, Richard.
bigpan December 12, 2011
Take a couple potatoes, peel, cut into cubes large enough to fish out later and add to chili with burner on. The potato will soak up some of the heat. The last ditch effort is to bulk up the chili, that is, add more meat and tomato sauce. I also realize you might have beans in it... Real competition chili does not have beans! Or cheese on top. A wee bit of sugar will help reduce the hot taste but only a little bit. Post a note here if you want a competition chili, no beans, recipe .
Ophelia December 12, 2011
I'm not a fan of beans in my chili, but adding a couple cans of drains and rinsed beans (or the equivalent) would be the easiest thing to do, just let it cook a little more. Or you can add more meat, but that's more expensive.
Also, serve with sour cream or plain yogurt and lots of cheese. Or over a lot of corn bread.
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