Would it be possible to make a chili that drew its influence from eastern cooking and used curry as a base?

My plan is to follow the concept of a conventional chili, but replace the chili powder with a homemade curry powder spice blend containing coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger, peony, lovage, star anise, fennel seeds, Rehmannia, and cayenne. The idea is to sautee the beef with onions and fennel, seasoning it lightly, and then, add it to a beef stock, along with a few varieties of bean, stewed tomato, and rice wine. I also had the idea of making miniature naan-parmesan wraps that would be stirred into the chili in the last few minutes of cooking, as to absorb some of the liquid from the chili, in place of the traditional cracker. So my question is, would this work in a way that remained as pleasing to the senses as conventional chili or curry (if not more), and if not, how could I tweak it to make the tastes blend better for a more appealing dish?

Also, how can I add the naan wraps to the chili while having it retain its fluffiness and not getting soggy?

Thank you so much, and I greatly look forward to your response.

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Nancy April 5, 2020
Agree with Gammy.
Why not just call it a curry or other stew (beef, vegetable, etc.)
On the third hand, there is a dish that Sephardic (North African and Middle Eastern) Jews make on the sabbath using a spice blend called Hawaidj (spelling varies) that is strong on cumin, coriander, pepper, etc - I suspect from neighbors' influence and/or Spice Route.
That often has beans, chicken or beef, vegetables, sometimes whole eggs.
And already made and tested by plenty of households over many years.
It's commonly cooked overnight at low temps, so would be perfect for slow cooker or instant pot, or can be made in oven with a shorter cook time.
Look for recipes called Dafina, Adafina or Hamim.
I don't know about the naan or wraps being stirred in at the end, but if you serve them on the side to eat with the stew and sauce, yes the flavors would complement each other.
Gammy April 5, 2020
I think a dish reminiscent of and based upon a traditional chili recipe could definitely be made, but if you are swapping out chili powder for a curry powder blend, I don't think you can call it "chili". :)
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