Green Chili Powder - what to do?

I bought some green chili powder to make the chili in the Zingermans cookbook (SO! GOOD!) So, besides making that chili over and over again, any other suggestions of things to do with green chili powder? I bought 1/2 cup worth from The Spice House (which, side note - new favorite spice spot??) so I have quite a bit to use. Good problem to have!



Nan May 18, 2020
I bought this green chili powder for a recipe a while back and it was so spicy. Did you find it to be spicy?
TheFritschKitchen May 19, 2020
Not really - I got the New Mexico Hatch Chili Powder from The Spice House. It has good spice, but I wouldn't say overly spicy.

I used it instead of normal chili powder in my chicken fajitas last night and it was delicious! (1 tsp for 1.5 lb pounds chx thighs)
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