A question about a recipe: Turkey Pho

What would you do, if anything, to adapt this to use shrimp instead of turkey (and fish stock instead of turkey stock)? Would you change any of the other ingredients? Thanks so much.

Turkey Pho
Recipe question for: Turkey Pho


lorigoldsby December 13, 2011
Did you consider adding lemongrass? I think it would compliment the seafood. Definitely second the thinly sliced scallops and shrimp stock.
Summer O. December 13, 2011
First of all ,we had this the other night, I used leftover chicken, it was great. However, your guest is pescatarian right? I would go shrimp, fish or veggie. If you go veggie you may want to amp up the spices.
WinnieAb December 13, 2011
I wouldn't change anything, AJ....I think it will work just fine as is.
drbabs December 13, 2011
I'd make shrimp stock with the shells rather than use chicken or turkey stock.
The S. December 13, 2011
That particular recipe is, as the author notes, austere--so if that sounds good to you, I would leave it as is. What I mean is, if you were starting with a heartier beef pho I might suggest changing more, but that recipe is pretty flexible I would think. You could, now that I think about it, get sushi quality shellfish and place it raw in the bowl before ladling the broth over it, much as the Vietnamese would do with thin slices of raw sirloin in beef pho. But I only recommend that if you have stellar shrimp (or scallops would work nicely too, thinly sliced).
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