Canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

Just bought a can of this stuff for the first time. Pureed it in the mini chopper. It's awesome! Yes, it's HOT, but tastes super yummy. Complex flavors. So far, I've smeared it on chili cheese dogs, layered a tiny bit onto polenta rounds w/ tomato sauce and melty mozzarella.

Q: What's your favorite thing to do with chipotle peppers in adobo sauce?



Stephanie G. January 27, 2012
Mix with mayo for super sandwish spread.
mrslarkin January 27, 2012
All such great ideas! Thank you! I recently stirred some into hummus - so so good.
Chefbaltz December 16, 2011
smoky tomato shrimp pasta: saute some shrimp (patted dry with paper towels), bacon, and garlic in a super hot pan with touch of oil (add the garlic last so it will not burn) to get a good crust on the shrimp. add half alfredo and half marinara sauce with 1 tsp. to 1 Tbsp. chipotles (depending on how much heat you like). serve over pasta.
chl0525 December 16, 2011
Oh I love those. We usually take those out of the can and individually bag and freeze each pepper with a scoop of sauce. They pack such a punch that we rarely use more than one in any dish. I put them in anything Mexican or Southwest that I cook. In fact, there are chorizo and potato enchiladas in the works for dinner tonight!
aargersi December 16, 2011
Oh YUM those sound DELISH!!!
MaryMaryCulinary December 16, 2011
I love it in sauces, but it also makes an amazing chipotle ranch dressing with buttermilk. I ate a bowl of potato salad with this and I don't even like potatoes!
amysarah December 16, 2011
Chipotle in adobo is such a great thing to have in the pantry. Wonderful with sweet potatoes - simple mashed ones, mixed in sour cream to top them baked - and best of all, in a sweet potato gratin: just puree a couple of chipotles (or to taste) and add to the cream - gruyere on top works well. Also good in butternut squash puree/soup, especially if you also add a little honey and a squeeze of lime at the end.

Btw, if you open a can but aren't going to use the whole thing, the leftover can be frozen (tupperware or freezer bag.)
aargersi December 16, 2011
How do I love thee, let me count the ways ... add richness to soups and stews, add heat and smoke to salsa (cooked or fresh) boost up ranchero sauce or adobo sauce, mole, chilaquiles ... a little adobo and lime gives you a fabulous baked or pan seared fish for tacos. You can go dark smoky sweet with adobo, dark chocolate, nutty things like tahini or peanut butter, or you can make it bright and herby with lime and cilantro - either one would be great friends with a grilled lamb chop or maybe a roasted chicken. Who says it can't add a twist to a cookie or .... a scone?
vvvanessa December 16, 2011
i was at a food swap last weekend where someone brought a homemade chipotle mustard. it was amazing!
nutcakes December 16, 2011
It enhances braises, like short ribs in red wine will if you don't add too much.
The S. December 16, 2011
Like you I love it, so have tons of uses for it. But off the top of my head, I was taught to make tortilla soup by Susana Trilling, who runs a cooking school in Oaxaca (alas I did not learn there!) where a very simple tomato chicken broth is then flavored with the chipotles. It is AWESOME, very brothy and simple compared to most tortilla soups (I love the other kind too).
angiegeyser December 15, 2011
Chipotle meatloaf
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 15, 2011
I love it in chili.

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Mollie K. December 15, 2011
Mix just a touch of it into some sour cream, let it rest for a few minutes for flavor to develop, and you will have....Chipotle Cream! Très yummy.
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