My chili is too acidic - what can I add?

I made it with: bison, onion, red pepper, jalapeño, chipotles in adobo, lots of cumin, can of tomatoes, can of black beans. I think it might just be the brand of tomatoes I used, but any tips for balancing the flavor a bit??



Jack O. January 30, 2020
I added a few squares of dark chocolate...
Bea March 4, 2014
Baking soda works, but no more than 1 teaspoon per pot. This works in a pot of tomatoes sauce as well
dinner A. March 3, 2014
You've probably already eaten your chili, but if not, you can directly neutralize acid by adding baking soda (which is of course a weak base). This works for all kinds of overly acidic foods, just stir in a little pinch at a time until you've knocked the acid back to a level you prefer.
ATG117 March 2, 2014
You could try adding a touch of honey or molasses. Another idea would be to saute some diced sweet potato and then add that to the mix. You could do the same thing with frozen corn. Not necessarily conventional, but if acidity is a real prob, it could help the balance.
nutcakes March 1, 2014
Or honey. Or maybe even BBQ sauce that's on the sweet side. Don't know if adding sauteed red peppers would be sweet enough, but I like those in chile for the flavor and nutrients.

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rt21 March 1, 2014
Add a little sugar to balance it out
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