Is there a good substitute for milk powder?



lapadia December 17, 2011
I use dry powdered milk in many of my yeast recipes, often the recipe states to add with the dry ingredients…the wet ingredients include an amount of water. If I don’t have the powdered milk available I use milk in place of the water. Note: I usually like to add the dry milk to the water from the start, it just depends on the recipe, I always use 1/3 cup dry to 1 cup water.
Mich,Kabob December 16, 2011
It's just calling for the milk powder to mix with other dry ingredients
Amanda H. December 16, 2011
Do you mean a non-dairy substitute?
Mich,Kabob December 16, 2011
Not necessarily. Just something easier to find in stores
Amanda H. December 16, 2011
Usually you can simply replace the water called for with milk. So if the recipe calls for 1 cup water, just use 1 cup milk. Dried milk powder is usually hydrated at a ratio of 1:4, so a recipe might call for 1/4 cup dry milk powder and 1 cup water. Is this the case in your recipe?
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