Pie Dough With Milk Powder

I recently came across a recipe for pie dough that contains milk powder. What function does milk powder serve in this scenario?



Liz W. February 7, 2018
Powdered milk is dried milk fat allowing you to add more fat in the crust with out adding more liquid thus giving you a high fat to flour ratio making for a more tender and yes Browning the pie nicely.
boulangere August 14, 2013
You'll get a Maillard browning effect with the addition of powdered milk. If it isn't an item you keep in your pantry, adding a teaspoon of sugar to your pastry dough will achieve lovely browning.
petitbleu August 14, 2013
Okay, that makes sense. I did think about it helping browning as well, but I've never had trouble getting a pie crust to brown, so I figured it had to be more than that.
loubaby August 14, 2013
According to King Arthur Flour, they add the milk powder to their pie crust recipe to add tenderness ...www.kingarthurflour.com (a thoroughly reliable and tasty piecrust) if you search for it.
hardlikearmour August 14, 2013
Dunno for sure. I suspect the milk powder will make the pie crust brown up more quickly, though.
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