Can I adapt food illustrated's vodka tart crust with more sugar?

I want to make Dorie Greenspan's pear tart with Sweet crust. It contains 1/2 cup powdered sugar. Any reason I cannot sub vodka for som of the water?

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • December 17, 2011


lorigoldsby December 17, 2011
My friend did a pie crust test before Thanksgiving...she gave rave reviews to the vodka crust...said it rolled out beautifully!
Greenstuff December 17, 2011
I have not made Dorie Greenspan's tart dough, but I've given the Cooks Illustrated vodka addition some thought, and it seems to me that whenever I had a dough that wasn't quite coming together, a splash of vodka might beat a splash of water.
lloreen December 17, 2011
I was so skeptical of tart dough without water but so far this recipe is really easy to work with. I did the press in version for the first time.m I am waiting with fingers crossed for the tart to emerge from the oven!
lloreen December 17, 2011
Thanks!! Somehow I didn't see that Dorie's crust has no water!
Amanda H. December 17, 2011
Same here -- thanks for the clarification java&foam.
java&foam December 17, 2011
no problem! i was surprised there was no water myself and thought i had the wrong recipe for a good 5 minutes. sometimes when I'm about to make something and skip over parts of a recipe too in excitement. the recipe does look fantastic though...thanks for inadvertently bringing it to my i have something to do with all that fruit i got from Harry & David!
java&foam December 17, 2011
lloreen, I am assuming the link below is the recipe you are using. you probably can't sub vodka for water because the recipe has no water in it to begin with. She uses an egg yolk as the binder in that recipe. Granted, she also offers a way to do it as a "press in" crust for your tart tin/dish, which would take the worry out of the crust tearing while being rolled out. My advice would be to take the press in approach.

i saw that vodka pie crust in america's test kitchen/cook's illustrated and while i think its a great idea, if we are talking about the same recipe its not something you need to worry about with dorie's crust.

hope this was helpful in some way.
Amanda H. December 17, 2011
I say go for it
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