What's a good gluten free stuffing for turkey?

  • Posted by: memaw
  • December 17, 2011


beyondcelery December 18, 2011
One of my cornbread recipes is here:
You can make this either with the sunflower seeds or leave them out and it'll work just fine. Make it in a 9x9-inch glass pan for the stuffing. (Or a buttered cast iron skillet!) When I do this, I either make the cornbread a few days in advance and let it dry out or I cut it into cubes, spread it on a baking sheet, and toast it in the oven at 400F for about 10min. I made stuffing with this cornbread for a turkey this last Thanksgiving and it was fabulous.
susan G. December 18, 2011
At Thanksgiving, I made a recipe for Farro Pilaf, using millet instead of the farro (related to wheat), with vegetables, dried cranberries and pecans. I was stuffing a squash, but it should work for turkey. My experience with gluten-free cornbread was unsatisfactory -- the cornbread crumbled and dissolved into the other ingredients, so if you want to use it, find one that will hold up. My daughter-in-law brought some purchased bread cubes for stuffing that were gluten-free. We didn't use them then, but I made a delicious Garden Sweeper Bread Pudding from this site with them -- but that's another option for you.
The S. December 18, 2011
There are a lot of good rice stuffings out there, especially with wild rice.
lorigoldsby December 18, 2011
If you have a gluten free cornbread (Bob's Red Mill has one) you can add lots of celery, onion, sage...even sausage or mushrooms. I think you have to add more sage when you use cornbread vs other "white" breads
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