Fudge Too Sweet

I've been making my grandmother's fudge for years, and I have a basic understanding of sugar syrups and why I have to beat the @&):-:! out of it. What I don't know is if the ratio of unsweetened chocolate to sugar can be adjusted to make it less sweet, for more of a dark chocolate flavor. I used 4oz of good quality chocolate, with 3 cups of sugar and 1/3 cup Karo. I've subbed out the Karo w/ 1/3 cup honey and a bit of cream of tartar to keep the crystals under control. It's perfectly creamy, but really sweet. Suggestions? And, while I'm on the subject, can I use the KitchenAid to beat it? Paddle or dough hook?

  • Posted by: Melusine
  • December 18, 2011


Melusine December 19, 2011
Perfect. Thank you very much.
Amanda H. December 18, 2011
I'd cut back the sugar by 1 cup and beat it with the paddle. The texture may suffer slightly (from less sugar) but you'll enjoy the flavor more!
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