For an event this weekend, I'll be making Spanish tortilla rounds topped with a sundried tomato/red pepper/manchego pesto. I want to top each tortilla round with a little dollop of pesto as part of the garnish, but I'm concerned about it separating during the event, and I don't want the platter to end up with splotches of red oil under each round. Any thoughts for preventing this? Maybe top with a little creme fraiche first, then the pesto to keep it contained? I've had the jar on the counter and have been draining the oil as it rises to the surface, but not sure that'll do the trick.



campagnes November 13, 2010
Thanks so much for all your thoughts, everyone. I decided to go ahead and top the tortilla squares (not rounds!) with the drained pesto. I used less on each square than I'd intended and I mostly topped them as needed.. went off without a hitch. :)
campagnes November 13, 2010
What a great idea, innoabrd.. definitely keeping that in mind! I've found out that I really love tortillas and will be making them again.

oooh, amysarah.. potato pancakes with creme fraiche and smoked trout.. I shall dream of this tonight. :)
innoabrd November 12, 2010
Fabulous tortilla hint from Jose Andres' book, Tapas. Use good potato chips instead of frying potatoes. You re-constitute them in the eggs for a bit before cooking. Really delicious!
amysarah November 12, 2010
Sounds like your problem is solved (btw, cutting the tortilla into squares will also mean less 'waste' - no odd bits leftover between round cuts.) But, here are a couple of other suggestions, anyway: 1) unless you need to serve all the tortilla pieces at once, you could set out smaller amounts and replenish the platter as needed, quickly adding the dabs of pesto as you refill - i.e., less time for the pesto to sit out and separate. Or, 2) you could serve the tortilla pieces 'naked' (maybe just adorned with a scattering of chives for color) - and the creme fresh and pesto in small pretty bowls with spoons alongside - so guests garnish their own piece, again avoiding the messy bleeding pesto oil issue. I sometimes do this with mini potato pancakes - serve creme fresh, smoked trout/salmon flakes, caviar (if I'm feeling flush), etc. on the side to be garnished as eaten. Just some thoughts.
campagnes November 12, 2010
Oh, believe you me, I'm savin' that oil.. smells too good to toss. :) I'm planning to make a large tortilla (similar to mrslarkin's take above) and cut it into rounds or squares. It's a small event, so not too labor-intensive.

That's kind of what I was thinking as far as garnish.. tortilla round/square, dollop of pesto, X of chive stems. Although now you've swayed me.. adding the pesto directly to the eggs and topping with creme fraiche solves the weepy pesto problem and might make the tortillas themselves a little more interesting. I might just do that, and use the squirty bottle for the creme fraiche.

See.. you people are fantastic. :) So glad I found this forum.
betteirene November 12, 2010
Stop! Don't toss that pesto oil! !You could gently poach the potatoes in the pesto oil and then sprinkle some pesto in with the egg mixture, then top with creme fraiche and a stem of chive or a thin strip of green onion.

Or top it with an uncooked sofrito, made the day before and drained overnight in a sieve over a bowl in the refrigerator.

Are you making individual (mini) tortillas, or big ones that will be sliced into wedges?
campagnes November 11, 2010
yep, frittata-like things. Funny you should mention cutting them in squares.. I was just mulling that over myself because I really don't feel like cutting out a zillion little rounds. Squares - it's settled. :) Love the squeezy-bottle idea.. I might even have one lying around somewhere. Thanks, mrslarkin!
mrslarkin November 11, 2010
If it's super smooth, you can put it in a squeezy-bottle, cut the tip as needed, and shake it up real good to emulsify. Then squeeze away. It may separate a little, but I think it sounds really great!

If you put creme fraiche on, I think it might turn pink and oozy once you top that with the pesto. I probably wouldn't do that.

I know rounds are more elegant, but you could do squares, too, and it'll save you loads of time cutting the tortillas. Especially if you're cooking the tortillas in a sheet pan, which I think you can do. You are talking about the frittata-like things, right??
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