I'm making a lemon, butter, white wine & chix stock sauce for my shrimp but it's too lemony (acidic). How can I neutralize the bitterness?

  • Posted by: franifu
  • December 19, 2011


creamtea December 19, 2011
sometimes the addition of salt balances acidity.
Sam1148 December 19, 2011
Take a bit out and test/taste with just a pinch of baking soda. If that works for you, add just a pinch to main batch---careful tho, it can also level the taste down so much it might make it completely neutral.
usuba D. December 19, 2011
I have found lemon can lose its strength the longer it is cooked in a sauce. Try that first . . . if it does not work, try a little mirin to cut acidity
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