What temperature should you cook chicken at in the oven?

  • Posted by: Court
  • December 19, 2011


SKK December 20, 2011
French Chiken in a Pot from Cook's Illustrated. No mess, delightfully tender and flavorful bird. Can make stock with the carcass. And you bake it at 250F for 60 - 90 minutes depending on the size of the bird. A 3 1/2 pound to 4 1/2 bird takes 60 minutes, 5 - 6 pounds takes 90 to 120 minutes.

Adjust rack to lowest position and heat oven to 250F
Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in large Dutch oven over medium heat until hot but not smoking
Dry chicken and season with salt and pepper and place breast down in pan - scatter 1 quartered onion, 1 bay leaf, 6 medium garlic cloves around the chcken
Cook until breast is browned - about 5 minutes.
Turn over breast side up and cook until chicken is browned, 5 minutes.
Remove Dutch oven from heat and place large sheet of foil over and pot and cover tightly with lid.
Transfer pot to oven and cook until thermometer register 160 degrees when inserted in thickest part of breat and 175 degrees in thickest part of thigh.

Take out, let rest and carve using the juices to make gravey.

bigpan December 19, 2011
I am also a fast high heat fan - just like in restaurants. Cook at 400f to 450f and keep an eye on it. Best if you "splay" the chicken to ensure even cooking for all pieces.
Greenstuff December 19, 2011
I usually cook whole chickens at 375. You can see you'll have success over a wide range, but I wouldn't go below 350.
jgswanson December 19, 2011
I do mine at 425 for 30 min and then down to 350. A 4 lb bird takes about 1h 30m.
Amanda H. December 19, 2011
Do you mean a whole chicken? If so, you can cook it at many different temperatures -- but the most common temperature is 350 degrees F.
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