A question about a recipe: IRISH BUTTER SHORTBREADS

I have a question about the recipe "IRISH BUTTER SHORTBREADS " from Rachel Gaffney.

Rosemarie Montgomery-Hansted


Rachel G. December 20, 2011
Kerrygold Unsalted Irish Butter is widely available.... Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Central Market and many many more. I created this recipe for Irish Unsalted Butter. If you cannot find it then you can use a domestic or other butter. The reason I use KERRYGOLD IRISH UNSALTED BUTTER is for the flavor.....there simply is not a substitute for this..!
sdebrango December 20, 2011
Ah yes I used plugra which has a higher fat content like the irish butter. You should use a butter that has a high fat content in this recipe. Can you find Plugra where you live?
sdebrango December 20, 2011
Most butter has 11 g of butterfat but the European butters have less water or liquid and are very creamy. American butter like for example Land O Lakes has 11 g butterfat also but has more liquid so its not as concentrated as the European butters.
Rosemarie M. December 20, 2011
What if you can't get Irish butter?
sdebrango December 20, 2011
Your question didn't show, if you let us know what the question is we can help you. I have made these before and they are wonderful.
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