I make a cucumber salad Asian style. I'd there any ingredient I can add to vary the flavor.

Janelle C Jonas


susan G. December 20, 2011
I used the search box for 'Asian cucumber salad' -- looks like many excellent ideas -- http://www.food52.com/recipes/search?c=1&page=2&recipe_search=asian+cucumber+salad.
pinaycusinera December 20, 2011
Asian cuisine includes salty, sour, and sweet - sometimes spicy. To balance all those flavors, I'd add salt, some rice vinegar, and sugar of equal proportion.
Janelle C. December 20, 2011
I add those and red onion now. Tangy and yummy. I thought of maybe jalapeños to add some heat but I don't know.
add a little low sodium tamari and sesame oil, finish with some crispy noodles and peanuts - nutty but yummy.
Panfusine December 20, 2011
toasted sesame seeds?
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