Asian-Style Ideas for Leftover Salmon

I have a whole lot of oven-poached salmon left over from Thanksgiving dinner.

I have a drawer full of Asian seasonings, condiments, rice and noodles -- I'm just beginning to venture into Chinese, Thai and Korean cooking, so I'm still learning how to balance the flavors.

Thoughts most welcome --

  • Posted by: Melusine
  • November 29, 2015


HalfPint December 1, 2015
This is more Anglo-Indian, but poached salmon is great in kedgeree which, I know, calls for smoked fish, but Nigella Lawson has a great recipe for Asian Spiced Kedgeree,
LeBec F. November 29, 2015
sounds like you just need a few veggies (snow peas, shiitakes, scallions, carrots are my go-to) and then a sauce you like the sound of. Nancy's is super. Here are a few of mine:

If you really have a LOT of salmon, like 6-8 cups, I would suggest a more salmon-intensive dish, though these following are not Asian.They do all freeze well. Salmon mixed w/ a lemony beschamel can fill crepes or lasagna; a Russian filo strudel- Coulibiac, layers cooked spinach with cooked rice and salmon, with a beschamel-like sauce binding the rice and salmon layers. (The former would use about 1/3 c. salmon per crepe; the strudel the same per slice.)

unsmoked salmon works well in this as well:
702551 November 29, 2015
Fried rice.

The catch-all leftover dish for a couple billion people on this planet. Most don't use a recipe. You just look at your leftovers, whatever you have available and improvise. Every time you make it, it will be different.

The other option is fried noodles. The Japanese call this yakisoba, but every culture that makes noodles will have their own name(s) for the dish, just like fried rice.

Go easy on the seasonings as you get used to the various flavors. This is a great time to experiment.

Good luck and enjoy your little experiments.
702551 November 29, 2015
Oh, I forgot to mention rice or noodle soups.

Again, a centuries-old practice in households all over this planet.
Nancy November 29, 2015
Make a Nam JIm sauce (bunch of fresh cilantro, clove or so of garlic, juice of a lime, chopped shallot, a couple teaspoons each of Asian fish sauce & brown sugar, some chopped green chili & sea salt)
Serve cold on the salmon, or as a dressing for the salmon wrapped in rice paper wrappers with some shredded mint, carrot, bok choy, lettuce, peanuts).
QueenSashy November 29, 2015
I make this halibut dish from Eric Ripert often, and the orange miso sauce is lovely. I think it would go nicely with your salmon.
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