Pls. Bake/glaze a ready to eat boneless ham

I received a 5# Boars Head (boneless) Sweet Slice ham as a gift. I've never cooked a ham in my life, but all recipes I've viewed so far call for a bone-in ham. Could you suggest a way of preparing this so it's a delicious addition to a holiday buffet table? Thanks a lot.

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Bevi December 20, 2011
Sdebrango served this ham at the FOOD52 potluck she hosted:

It was delicious, and she made her own pomegranate molasses. The ham she served was boneless.
Amanda H. December 20, 2011
Here you go! -- and boneless and bone in are fairly interchangeable -- the cooking time will vary slightly (bone in should take less time). You just want to heat the ham through.
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