Uncured ham versus bone-in spiral cut ham

I am testing a recipe that is traditionally prepared with a bone-in spiral-cut ham, but am using uncured petite ham from Niman Ranch instead. What should the difference in my cooking time be? The gist of this recipe is to do a baked glazed ham, and the first step as it's currently written is to roast the ham, under a sheet of foil, at 400 degrees for 45-55 minutes, then to start basting with the glaze every five minutes for an additional cooking time of 40-45 minutes. What would the cooking different be for an uncured 4-5 pound petite ham?



yo June 22, 2015
I would never cook a ham at that temp. It will cook to fast and be tough and dry. Cook at 325 for 20-30 minutes per Ibs. I also pour about a
Liter of coke over the ham to tenderize and prevent drying. Remove ham from roasting pan
And either place in another pan or dispose of liquid return ham to pan and add your glaze as instructed.
Susan W. June 21, 2015
There should be cooking instructions with your ham. If not, check their website. They are great about providing help with their products. If it isn't for tonight's dinner, you could call them tomorrow. I'm not being much help, but I never cook ham, so it's all I can come up with.
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