large enough ham roast?

I want to try a fresh ham for Christmas and am looking at British recipes calling for simmering a 5-6 pound "gammon" with aromatics for 2-1/2 to 3 hours, cutting away the skin and a little of the fat, then baking (440 degree) with glaze for 15 min ("until the glazed fat is burnished"). I have two questions 1) is 5 to 6 pounds enough for 7-8 people? 2) is 15 min enough time? Thanks for your help - this will be my first fresh ham...

  • Posted by: jill
  • December 14, 2015
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1 Comment

702551 December 14, 2015
A 5-6 lb. ham for 7-8 people will provide nearly a pound of meat per person which would seem plenty although you did not mention how many other dishes were to be served at the same meal. Since it's for Christmas, I assume you will have plenty of other things to eat.

Also, it depends on the demographics of this particular group of diners, whether they are heavy eaters or not. We can't answer that question as we don't know them, that'll be a judgment call on you.

Fifteen minutes of high temperature for this type of dish should be sufficient to create the desired appearance assuming you are working from recipes of trustworthy provenance (you did not share any links so it's difficult to comment on the specific procedure you will be attempting). Personally I'd start checking the glazing process at 10 minutes and monitor closely.

Good luck.
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