Reheating baked glazed ham (from a Jewish vegetarian...)

Helll! I fully baked and beautifully glazed a 10 lb. smoked bone-in ham last night. It's done and has been in the fridge overnight. Advice on reheating for dinner?

Zachary Metz


Zachary M. November 24, 2016
Thanks so much Bridget! I wouldn't have thought tomslkce it first. Sounds like a great plan. Happy Thanksgiving!
BrooklynBridget November 24, 2016
Zachary, you're a mensch! You're meat-eating friends appreciate the careful question. Keeping moisture is key. I'd slice, make sure it was covered and add a little cooking liquid. 325 degree oven should do it. I'd say 30 minutes. Good luck!
BrooklynBridget November 24, 2016
*your* meat-eating friends..... I'm 3 cups of coffee deep here.
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