My recipe calls for 3 extra large eggs. I only have large... How many should I use?

  • Posted by: debkw
  • December 20, 2011


lil May 4, 2019
I have a recipe that calls for 3 extra large eggs in the crust I would like to split the recipe in half can I use 2 large eggs
nutcakes December 21, 2011
Use 3/4 cup, about 1/4 cup per egg--i it isn't too late...
Greenstuff December 21, 2011
Depends on your recipe and where you are. But probably you'll be fine if you just substitute the larges for the extra larges. Where I live, there seems to be a huge range within the large category.

The S. December 21, 2011
What kind of recipe is it? And do you have a scale?
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