adding an extra egg to mayo

I normally make mayo in a mason jar with an immersion blender and have never had a batch fail before. I had three batches not thicken up on Monday and yesterday I was able to save a failed batch by adding 2 additional egg yolks. The recipe I am using calls for 1 whole egg, 2 TBSP lemon juice, 1/2 tsp mustard, 1/2 tsp salt, and 1-1/4 cup oil; all at room temp. I put the ingredients in a wide mouth quart mason jar and let them sit for about a minute to let the oil separate out and then blend with an immersion blender without moving the blender. The only thing I've changed is to go from an extra large egg to a large egg. Should I add an extra egg or an egg yolk if I'm using a smaller egg? Or is there something else I'm missing.

  • Posted by: ktr
  • November 15, 2016


Susan W. November 15, 2016
Mayo can be so fickle. I stopped making it for months after a few fails. Since I bought my Breville immersion blender two years ago, I haven't had one fail. Knock on wood. The key is everything needs to be at room temp and I use one whole egg and one yolk. I could be imagining this, but it seems to me, some egg whites are more liquidy than others.

No need to add oil slowly. That's the beauty of an immersion blender.

This little video helped me with the immersion blender technique. I have no idea who the guy is, but he sounds like Mark Bittman to me.
ktr November 15, 2016
I've never tried adding vinegar to my mayo. Might try that next time. Also, I will try pulsing the blender like he suggested.
Susan W. November 15, 2016
ktr, I sometimes use vinegar and sometimes lemon and sometimes both. I think pulsing it lets you see the mayo forming at the bottom a little easier. I don't necessarily follow his proportions, just his method. It's been a while since I watched it, but I use the same proportions as you do except one egg and one yolk and one tsp grainy mustard.
Alexandra V. November 15, 2016
I would add the oil last and and whip up the eggs and other ingredients first. Once the eggs are frothy start the oil drizzle slowly, giving it plenty of time to emulsify.
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