baking w medium eggs when recipe says large

i'm in israel which uses the euro egg-size grading system. medium eggs are 53-63g. large are 63-73g. XL arge 73+. i made a savory tart (euro recipe) that includes 3 XL eggs. i only had medium eggs. i used 5 of them to equal 3 XL. i guess i should weigh the egg to determine if it's closer to 53 than 63. but large eggs often are often not on the shelves in israel (i'm told it's cuz of heat). i made muffins that called for large eggs. i just added an extra medium egg. maybe muffins are more forgiving. any idea what things definitely require the right size and which don't?

  • Posted by: alan
  • November 13, 2020


Nancy November 13, 2020
Alan - yes, if you have a scale, use it.
Large eggs in USA are 24 oz per dozen, 2 oz or 56g each. (see chart in link)
So if Israeli scale medium eggs are 53-66g each, use one each of those for a large egg in a recipe, or weigh all to make closest equivalent.
alan November 13, 2020
i appreciate the answer. i had heard that medium eggs here are the US large. but i've been using israeli large for recipes (some US, some i think euro) that call for large and have only gotten great results.
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