Does it make a difference what size egg ( jumbo large extra large) you use when baking / cooking

  • Posted by: Lu
  • December 19, 2011


bigpan December 19, 2011
Most recipes call for large - and, at room temp.
SallyBroff December 19, 2011
Baking recipes call for large eggs unless otherwise specified. It is supposed to matter, but remember that measuring cups and spoons are wildly inaccurate, so unless your recipe has a lot of eggs it probably doesn't.
nutcakes December 19, 2011
Yes, egg size can make a large difference. Especially for trickier recipes or for larger sized items, and especially when doubling a recipe. For some simple stuff, there is lots of room for leeway so you won't notice. To be safe, use a large egg. Most recipes are designed for large eggs. More precise recipes will use weight, but home cooks can also rely on volume. Use between 3 Tbsp and a scant quarter cut of lightly beaten egg for each egg called for. Here is a good resource:
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