Need recipe for pork tenderloin rub for moist and juicy, not dried out.

Bianca sovich


bigpan December 21, 2011
Wrap the tenderloin with strips of bacon.
briecheese December 21, 2011
I posted this recently on another answer. This pork recipe is delicious and so flavorful and MOIST! While the recipe is for a salad I only make the pork and the glaze for the pork! Enjoy
The S. December 21, 2011
Coming back to add I usually start marinade after getting going for the day and then cook for dinner.
The S. December 21, 2011
Minimum 30 mins up to 24 hours--the longer, the more flavor you will get from the marinade.
Bianca S. December 21, 2011

I like answer but how long do I marinate?


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The S. December 21, 2011
The results for your tenderloin have more to do with how you cook it than what marinade you use, in my experience. I like to use a combination of dark soy sauce, fish sauce, ginger, garlic and brown sugar mixed with a little oil. I pretty much mix it to taste. I sear on stovetop and then roast at 350 F until thermometer inserted into center of meat reads 140 F.
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