Runny pumpkin pie

Made pie filling from scratch... It was delicious but we had to eat it with a spoon! I have enough ingredients to make another one. Any idea what I might have gotten wrong??

  • Posted by: missb503
  • December 22, 2011


missb503 December 27, 2011
Thank you everyone! I think I had done about 15 diffferent things wrong (including using a bad recipe). Made it again last night and it turned out beautifully! I definitely added another egg and dried out the pumpkin and referred to the genius recipe. My original recipe instructed to make the "puree" with a potato using a food processor made a huge difference. I learned a lot and it was so satisfying to have a success.
Melissa C. December 27, 2011
1 egg is definitely not enough to set a pumpkin pie, even if you did dry out the pumpkin as per AntoniaJames (great suggestion, I do the same thing but achieve it by roasting the pumpkin in a hot oven before pureeing it). I suggest at least 1 egg per cup of liquid (a combination of pumpkin puree and milk or cream, whatever the recipe calls for). The average pumpkin pie needs at least 2 eggs, and usually more like 3 or 4.
AntoniaJames December 22, 2011
Did you drain the pumpkin? Fresh pumpkin is usually much, much juicier than the canned. You can drain it through a fine mesh sieve for at least several hours, stirring occasionally, to get rid of a lot of the excess juice. You could also cook it over a medium low heat, stirring frequently, to reduce the moisture content, as is recommended in the "Genius" pumpkin pie recipe posted last month. That provides the added benefit of caramelizing the pumpkin somewhat, sweetening it. ;o)
Amanda H. December 22, 2011
Was going to ask the same thing -- making your own pumpkin puree and getting it to the right consistency takes some practice. Sounds like the puree was a little too wet. If you follow AntoniaJames's suggestions next time, that should help!
missb503 December 22, 2011
350 for 1.5 hours. There was one egg to "one pie pumpkin". Thanks for helping!
Amanda H. December 22, 2011
Wondering if it didn't bake long enough -- how long did you bake it for and at what temperature? Also how many eggs were in the filling?
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