I got rid of my multiple pie dishes and only have one, but have to make 3 pies on Thursday! Can I pre-bake a crust for a pumpkin pie, take the pie shell out of the dish, then bake it with the filling tomorrow, or will it likely fall apart? I am afraid it just won't be able to hold up if it's not in a dish. But if that will work, I will bake the pecan pie, the heavier one, in the glass dish, and just do an apple crumble in a square enamel pan instead of pie dish. Thanks.

  • Posted by: h
  • November 21, 2017


Raquelita November 21, 2017
Why not try two slab pies? I have also baked pies in the type of round cake tin that has angled sides; the rim will be a little thin but the pie will be supported and the whole thing will have the same dimensions as your ordinary pie-plate pie. The metal is thinner with the cake tin so watch out for cooking faster.
h November 21, 2017
That could be good! I have 2 cake tins I could use! Thanks Raquelita!
Joanna S. November 21, 2017
Oh no! Because pie fillings tend to be on the heavier side (especially fall pies like pumpkin, pecan, and apple), I wouldn't trust even a fully-baked crust to withstand the weight without a pie dish. Aluminum pie tins might be your best bet here. They're no glass or ceramic dish, but they'll definitely work in a pinch, and they're relatively inexpensive. Hope this helps! And happy baking!
h November 21, 2017
That's what I figured--thanks for clarifying!! Have a great holiday!

Stephanie B. November 21, 2017
I'd recommend buying a couple disposable pie pans, should be available at any grocery store.
702551 November 21, 2017
I suggest you get cheap disposable aluminum pie dishes at the dollar store or supermarket.
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