Substitute for almond extract

Hubby allergic!



cklauber December 24, 2011
Peanut butter
AntoniaJames December 23, 2011
I might add a bit of orange zest. With the vanilla suggested by drbabs, it would be particularly delicious! In fact, it would likely be tastier than almond extract. ;o)
drbabs December 23, 2011
Oh, I love the orange zest idea!
drbabs December 23, 2011
I'd use vanilla extract instead.
bigpan December 23, 2011
Since it is an allergy, I would substitute seeds for nuts. Pumpkin seeds would be nice.
Lisailene December 23, 2011
It is a almond cranberry quinoa breakfast cookie
Oats, brown sugar, eggs, honey, quinoa, the usual cookie ingred
AntoniaJames December 23, 2011
What is the recipe in which you'd use it? ;o)
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