I want to make a recipe for Orange Almond Slices. The filling calls for blanched almonds, granulated sugar and almond extract. The almonds sugar and

The almonds, sugar and almond extract are to be mixed in a food processor "until the ingredients come together". I have a blender but not a food processor. Do you think I could make the filling in a blender?



mickle November 22, 2015
This sounds so good; would you post the recipe?
luvcookbooks November 29, 2015
It's straight from a book, so not sure I can post here. It's from Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break. I read about it in The Tipsy Baker's blog. The recipe can be found online if you google "apelsinsnittar". It's a finicky recipe and took me away from all my cares and concerns this Sunday afternoon. Please post if you try it.
Saffron3 November 22, 2015
I agree with using the blender. Low speed, go slow, scrape often, and you can have good control. Sounds relish!
luvcookbooks November 29, 2015
Thanks, it was delish!
Susan W. November 21, 2015
You'll have to scrape the canister down a few times, but my blender is great at chores like that.
luvcookbooks November 29, 2015
Thanks, it worked out!
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