Coconut shrimp, what kind of coconut do you use? and do you know if fresh frozen will work well? I made some recently for a party and they were a big hit. Recipe called for unsweetened coconut but the picture looked like the strands like sweetened coconut. In Indian markets and natural foods type stores I only found were very fine grind, and wide skinny shreds. I used a mix of both and it was delicious. I had the option to get fresh frozen but didn't know if that would work well and now I am curious.

  • Posted by: nutcakes
  • November 14, 2010


Kayb November 14, 2010
I don't think the fresh frozen would work so very well in a deep fryer -- too moist. If that's all I had available, I think I'd press as much liquid as possible out between paper towels, then scatter it on a foil-lined baking sheet and toast it/dry it out in a low oven for a few minutes before I used it. I've always used dried when I've done coconut shrimp or coconut chicken.
nutcakes November 14, 2010
Oh thanks for mentioning, I should have explained better. large tail on shrimp dredged in batter and rolled in coconut flakes. Deep fryed. Served as a passed appetizer. Hit of the party.
innoabrd November 14, 2010
Wasn't clear to me what sort of coconut shrimp we were talking about ( think coconut shrimp and I think more of a curry),but yes, I still vote for trying the fresh frozen. Has a bit of crunch to it that ought to do well, I think!
nutcakes November 14, 2010
Really? Fresh for something deep fried? Well I will look forward to checking other's replies tomorrow. I'm going to make this again, it was such a treat.
innoabrd November 14, 2010
I think fresh frozen would be a good choice. Fresh coconut really has a much, well, fresher taste than the dried. Shameful confession: though I know this to be true, I have to admit that I can only find fresh whole coconuts and dried shredded and I really can't be bothered to mess with a fresh one.
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