how do you use frozen veggies in a recipe calling for fresh?

  • Posted by: CLCaudle
  • September 15, 2011
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1 Comment

it depends on how the veggie cooks in the recipe. Frozen veggies are mostly cooked before they are frozen. Green vegetables are blanched to brighten their green hue and other vegetables take on cooked like qualities when they are frozen.
with that said, things like curries or stews, I simply add the veggies from the bag towards the end of the cooking of the dish as not to over cook the vegetables. in a stir fry or saute I increase the heat and shorten the time they are in the pan. I do this to help get browned bits on the vegetable without overcooking it as well.

for salads like a nicoise where I want lightly blanched greenbeans i just thaw the vegetables in cold running water. and add them to the salad
keep cooking!
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