Pumpkin pie problems!

Whenever I make a pumpkin pie the crust and top seem to brown up before the center is fully cooked. After it cooks it is usually okay a little runny sometimes but everything tastes okay. Would still like to know of anyone has tips to keep this from happening?



petitbleu December 25, 2011
You might also try "insulating" your pie by placing a baking stone beneath your pie plate. Most ovens bake unevenly, and I find that using a baking stone in addition to your regular cooking vessel insulates and helps regulate the heat.

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drbabs December 25, 2011
Sounds like your oven may be running hot. Test it with a thermometer, and/or try setting the temperature down by 10 degrees or so. You could also put foil over the edges as they brown. Also, only bake it till there's still a liquidy center about an inch in diameter. It will continue cooking when you take it out of the oven.
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