What's the best way to roast vegetables for a dinner party of ten? I have carrots, beets, rutabaga, parsnips, winter squash and leeks. Can I

For herbs, will fresh rosemary & sage work?

  • Posted by: madonia
  • December 26, 2011


Tarragon December 26, 2011
Bigpan, love your solution for the beets!
bigpan December 26, 2011
I agree with Tarragon, but I always add in a tablespoon of tomato paste - that helps them caramelize and get some sweetness. Make sure you cut the root veg into same size pieces. I usually put the beets in an open pouch of tin foil, then stir in when ready to serve.
Tarragon December 26, 2011
My suggestion is to make sure that the vegetables are in a single layer and not too crowded. I like just salt and pepper. Lightly coat with olive oil - not too much. Probably less than you think. Roast at a high temperature (425 - 450); do not move for at least the first 10 minutes, then toss them around on the pan. You might want to use a separate pan for the beets if they are red. Rosemary and sage are fine but make sure they do not burn; consider adding near the end.
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