I need a substitute for Marsala cooking wine.

  • Posted by: Tom R
  • December 26, 2011


Lambs' E. December 26, 2011
Agree with Cannizzo - the Vermouth will do fine.
Cannizzo December 26, 2011
Can I give a suggestion I used to make chicken Marsala my husband favorite until I discovered pork tenderloin if you cut about an inch thick and pound it down thin follow your Marsala recipe it looks just like veal I think even better please give it a try you won't be sorry
Cannizzo December 26, 2011
If you are making veal or chicken Marsala you are using dry Marsala I would substitute dry vermouth I have done it in a pinch and it worked fine
Lambs' E. December 26, 2011
It really depends upon what you need it for. Sometimes sweet sherry or a port will do, other times maybe some kind of liqueur. Is it for a sweet dish or a savoury one?
Tom R. December 26, 2011
Chicken Marsala
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