Best recipe for left over prime rib

Jenny Fleming


john.rudnik December 27, 2011
Sandwich au Jus. Slice it nice and thin, bring it to around room temperature, make a horseradish sauce (with some grated horseradish root, worcestershire sauce sauce, salt, and sour cream), and pile it on a crisp baguette. Toss the whole thing (on a baking sheet) into a low oven until nice and warm warm. Serve with some of the roasting jus or beef stock reduced with red wine until tasty.
Merrill S. December 27, 2011
You can chop it finely and use it to make cottage pie (beef version of shepherd's pie). Just don't cook the roast beef any further before you put the casserole in the oven with the potatoes on top.
inpatskitchen December 27, 2011
My mom used to cook prime rib quite often on Sundays and Monday night turned the leftovers into roast beef hash with potatoes, onions and lots of black pepper...Delicious!!
bigpan December 27, 2011
A mice green salad with beef slices; or, cut into small cubes for a chili.
Amanda H. December 27, 2011
How about making the horseradish sauce in this recipe and using it to make sandwiches with the leftover prime rib and some arugula?
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