I just saw a recipe in one of my December food magazines for coated walnuts. I have made seasoned and sugared nuts many times but this is the

First time I have ever been instructed to boil the walnut for three minutes, drain, then coat and bake.

What is the reason for boiling.

  • Posted by: Adianne
  • December 3, 2014


Adianne December 4, 2014
Thank you. That is good to know. I made the nuts as indicated in the recipe and they are delicious. I understand about the bitter taste. After boiling, even before coating a toasting they were good tasting. I may use this technique for the walnuts I use in making my granola.
jilhil December 3, 2014
Sometimes walnuts have a bitter taste to them - the boiling helps remove tannin, which reduces the bitterness.
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