What is the best way to make beef jerky in a dehydrator? Other good dehydrator recipes?



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SKK December 29, 2011
Last summer dehydrated 25 pounds of pears (tastes like candy) 50 pounds of tomatoes and lots of butternut squash. Also dehydrate hot peppers and then grind them up - amazing flavors. Make crackers all the time.

Vegetable and sauce leathers make fantastic salad, sandwich and soup garnishes. You can also make your own garlic or onion powder with a dehydrator. 10x the flavor of the store bought stuff.

Dice onions and dehydrate and they are ready to go when you cook.

For jerky, slice lean beef thin, season the way you want and go for it.

Sam1148 December 29, 2011
You're making me want to go up in the attic and pull out a ancient and inferior Ronco dehydrator I inherited but rarely used. With the low humidity weather this time of year here, it might actually work.
SKK December 29, 2011
Sam, I hope you do, I know you will come up with some amazing recipes. I have an Excalibur 5 drawer with temperature control. Don't go for the one with automatic turnoff. Had this for 4 years and it has more than paid for itself. Just love it.
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