What type of potatoe makes best mashed potatoe?

Michele P


bigpan December 31, 2011
I grew up only knowing russet, which are good - especially with the usual butter, s&p, scallion and or sour cream. Or, mix horseradish and butter in with s&p. But lately I like coarse mashing yukon gold with bits of skin (just peel half of each potato)-- and butter, of course.
Meatballs&Milkshakes December 31, 2011
I personally love Yukon Golds or red potatoes for mashed potatoes. I generally mash mine with a fork though, leaving the skin on and adding some butter and salt. You get the nutrients from the skin and retain some of the texture of the potatoes. I'm not a big fan of Russets in mashed potatoes because I don't think they have as much flavor and the texture is a little too grainy--they remind me of cafeteria mashed potatoes. I reserve Russets for gnocchi.
angiegeyser December 31, 2011
Love yukon golds and my potato masher. I add a little heavy cream, melted butter and salt and pepper.
Sam1148 December 30, 2011
I really don't like Mashed potatoes in a ricer, or worse whipped. You might as well use potato flakes.
I like the old school potato masher for a lumpy texture instead of creamed, and sometimes I'll leave a bit of the skin on for extra flavor.
hardlikearmour December 30, 2011
The texture of mashed potatoes is definitely a personal preference. I like mine to be silky smooth, which is part of the reason I prefer russets and all of the reason I love my ricer! Potato flakes don't taste like real mashed potatoes so it's a bad analogy IMO.
SKK December 30, 2011
I agree with everything HLA says except Yukon Golds are number 1. Don't have a potato ricer, just the masher that came from my Mom and it works after all these years!
hardlikearmour December 30, 2011
I like russets for the fluffiest mashed potatoes. Make sure to cook them in their skins to minimize water uptake, and use a potato ricer to get a smooth texture. Do not over mix them or they will become gluey (i.e. don't use your mixer or food processor.) Add some warm half-and-half, butter, and salt +/- pepper, and you'll have delicious mashed potatoes. Yukon golds are also a good option, though they are less starchy. Stay away from the red-skinned potatoes for this application.
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