A question about a recipe: Pain a l' Ancienne

I have a question about step 9 on the recipe "Pain a l' Ancienne" from thirschfeld. It says:

"Place a piece of parchment onto a peel (or sheet tray if you are not using a stone). Sprinkle it with cornmeal."
I have stone, but don't know what a peel is. Can I just put cornmeal on the stone?

Debbie Briody
Pain à l'Ancienne
Recipe question for: Pain à l'Ancienne


Sam1148 December 30, 2011
another thought after reading the recipe: It calls for a steaming application.
Adjust your oven racks to having one rack very low to set the water pan on...and be very very careful about adding the water to that pan.
If any water at all touches your stone--it will crack. I've lost a couple of pizza stones that way. But, no worries..they usually crack in half and you can still use them. In fact my pizza stone is cracked and both halves live in the oven and I push them together for making breads/pizza.
In fact I kinda like it that way, the two halves help even out heat on the lower rack for roasting thing on the mid rack.
Sam1148 December 30, 2011
A peel is the large paddle thing you see used with pizza ovens to move the dough to the oven.
Use a cookie tray with no edges or an inverted sheet pan.
And yes, I sometimes just pick up a loaf of bread and put it directly on the stone. The cornmeal isn't needed then, it's more to let the dough slide off easily...but will add some texture to the finished product.
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