What's a good substitute for butter when baking healthy cookies

The recipe for breakfast cookies has butter listed as the only oil of the ingredients can I substitute applesauce?

  • Posted by: bmalik
  • December 31, 2011


Charlie S. August 11, 2017
Butter is healthful. Other products are not.
Michele August 11, 2017
I c people r inquiring about fat substitution in recipies. & THE ANSWERS r not helpful...Butter IS unhealthy BUT ASIDE FROM THAT..SOME people cant have butter....&/or fats of this degree....Galbladder , pancreatitis, biliary disease.. kidney-liver& heart disease..dairy alergy. Diabetic situations etc. .etc.....SO pushing & pushing Butter use isnt very helpful to people lookn for alternatives when u dont know the situation of the inquirer....
caninechef August 14, 2017
Unfortunately on the internet as long as responses are reasonably polite you have to take what people offer up. If there are serious health issues involved perhaps professional advise is the way to go rather than asking for peoples opinions, which they have provided.
Carebearcp December 31, 2011
canola oil has worked for me in the past if you take into consideration the extra liquid
Ophelia December 31, 2011
I tend to use coconut oil, I'd prefer butter, but don't eat dairy.
I figure a treat is a treat, so it should have a great flavor and the right texture because a few really good cookies are much more satisfying than a slew of good for you cookies(my grandma makes cookies with fruit purees instead of fat and a quarter of the sugar. We call them sinkers. They're not bad, they're just more like a horse treat than a human one.).
bigpan December 31, 2011
I am not afraid of using butter instead of margarine - especially when you consider it is a little amount when spread out over a number of cookies. Check out the chemical formula for various margarines and not the hydrocarbon chains and transfat chains and you will reconsider using butter.
SallyBroff December 31, 2011
I make oatmeal cookies using half canola oil and half applesause. The main difference is that you get a cakey higher cookie rather than a flat one. If you don't mind that, it works great. Part of the function of butter vs. oil in baking is that there is liquid in the butter that " boils" off creating steam.
Amanda H. December 31, 2011
The butter also adds flavor, especially around the edges as it browns.
Amanda H. December 31, 2011
I wouldn't substitute applesauce for butter. Also butter isn't unhealthy -- you need fat in your diet -- if eaten in moderation.
bmalik December 31, 2011
Supposed to whip the sugars w the butter. Only problem is calls for whole stick of butter. Just trying to make a little healthier
Amanda H. December 31, 2011
You can substitute 1/4 cup fruit puree (I'd go with apple or prunes) for 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter. What you might want to do is halve the butter amount and add 1/4 cup fruit puree. But please take this answer as a suggestion, as I haven't seen your recipe and my suggestion is based on what I've read about substituting fruit purees for butter in baking recipes -- you'll need to tweak as you go.
Amanda H. December 31, 2011
One more thing -- if you use fruit puree, you may want to cut back the sugar slightly because the fruit will add its own sweetness. Good luck -- and hope whatever version you go with works out!
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