Is it safe to freeze homemade apple sauce?

  • Posted by: jlyttle
  • November 15, 2010


innoabrd November 16, 2010
suggest you freeze it in muffin tins or loaf tins, like I do stock, and then vacuum pack it. Much better freezer life!
amreiskitchen November 15, 2010
Yes it does. I learned from my grandmother, but I'm going to have to try the booze trick Mr_Vittles.... She definitely would have liked that!
mrslarkin November 15, 2010
Yes, it does!! I'm liking the booze trick, Mr_Vittles!
Mr_Vittles November 15, 2010
Definitely! Apple sauce freezes very well, to add to a nicer texture mix in some bourbon or some kind of American whiskey.
beyondcelery November 15, 2010
Absolutely. My grandmother did this for years, my mom followed suit, and now I do this every autumn. If you fill the containers fairly full (allow for some expansion as it freezes), you won't even get freezer burn until about the 7th or 8th month. After that, you'll see a lot of ice crystals. It's still good, but it won't taste quite as excellent as it did when it was first frozen.

Also, frozen applesauce is an excellent summer treat. Freeze it into popsicles for kids; my mom always did that when we were growing up.
MaryMaryCulinary November 15, 2010
sgreen13 November 15, 2010
I'm still alive. My mom has made and froze applesauce for years.
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