gray spots all over my homemade frozen chicken pot pie? Is it safe to eat?

I have never had this happen before. homemade crust , crisco, butter, flour and salt. everything is completely cooled before freezing. egg washed it before putting it in freezer. i have a photo, not sure how to add it.

vkb Bella


vkb B. March 7, 2018
So i posted this question on several different site and called a hotline. all agreed it was a reaction between the egg wash, salt and foil.
one person included this article.

I will be using plastic wrap and waiting on the egg wash until just before baking.
Thanks for replying to my post! have a great day!
Emmie March 6, 2018
Definitely don't eat it, and check the other things in your freezer--mold shouldn't be able to grow at such low temperatures, so there might be something wrong.
amysarah March 6, 2018
Those are mold spores. Don't eat it.
vkb B. March 6, 2018
figured out how to add photo
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