Do you suppose I could use buttermilk in place of the milk in this recipe? I have heard of using buttermilk in gravy but I don't know anything ab...

...out it

Sausage Gravy
Recipe question for: Sausage Gravy


Anthony C. January 2, 2012
Using buttermilk would probably be fine. The gravy will be much richer, so it depends on your taste--that is, how rich you like your gravy.
aargersi January 1, 2012
Also remember buttermilk is tangy - you'll want to taste as you add and make sure the flavor is going where you want it too ... if it's getting too tangy you could go back to a bit of regular milk
Amanda H. January 1, 2012
Yes, I believe you can, although 2 1/2 cups seems like a lot. I might start with 1 1/2 cups and add more as needed.
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