Substitute sour cream for buttermilk

I'm making a Chocolate Zucchini cake and the recipe asks for buttermilk, I know I can turn milk + lemon juice into a buttermilk substitute, but I'd really like to use up the half tub of sour cream left in the fridge, any ideas? And since we're here, what about substituting sour cream for yogurt in baking? is that possible? Thanks!



Lily,Sheng July 21, 2013
Thank you all so much, very useful suggestions!
nutcakes July 19, 2013
I use buttermilk, sour cream and yogurt interchangeably, thinning as necessary.
petitbleu July 19, 2013
I have used sour cream in baking instead of buttermilk with no problems. Adding a bit of lemon juice is a good call. Sometimes I add milk or water to the sour cream to make up the amount I need (for instance, if I need 1 cup buttermilk but only have 3/4 cup sour cream, I would add enough milk to equal 1 cup).
ChefJune July 19, 2013
I think I'd add a tablespoon or two of lemon juice to the sour cream (for volume) to make sure you have enough acid in the recipe. Otherwise, I think you'll be fine with the sour cream instead of buttermilk.
HalfPint July 19, 2013
Without seeing the recipe, I would say 'yes, you can substitute the sour cream', but you might need to add a little acid. I don't recall sour cream being very acidic. You may need the acid for leavening.
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