Can I make spanikopita the day before I bake it off?

I'm expecting company tomorrow and wish to serve it hot, sparing prepping tomorrow.

  • Posted by: Strudel
  • January 1, 2012


ReneePussman January 1, 2012
My wife's mother and yia yia both would freeze for up to even six months. When baked it tasted as if she made it that day. Don't refrigerate though, unless you want soggy spani.
Yiota January 1, 2012
Further to your question about refrigerating, if you refrigerate, the mix will permeate the filo and end up soggy without crisp, distinct layers around the mix. The only way to avoid this is bake right after preparing or freeze and bake just before serving.
Yiota January 1, 2012
You can freeze spanikopita before baking and then just add 10 minutes or so to the baking time. The end product is as delicious as baking as soon as it's made.
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