Make ahead mushroom lasagna

I would like to make Smitten Kitchens Mushroom Lasagna two days before company's coming. Can I make it and 2 days later bake?



BadVegan March 8, 2019
Thanks for all the advise, it's much appreciated!
I'm using no boil noodles, and I think I'll keep the bechamel sauce on the loose side.
Thanks much!
LeBec F. March 8, 2019
Thank YOU for keeping manners alive, on-line!! makes me feel great.
Nancy March 8, 2019
There's another route to go.
Don't cook the lasagna noodles.
Just assemble the dish with dried noodles.
Hold in fridge up to two days.
Bake...may need more time and a couple cups of broth or water added (to aid the noodles cooking through during the single baking session).
BTW, you don't need to buy special noodles marked "no boil" on the box. Any dried noodles will do.
LeBec F. March 8, 2019
i think ttrockwood is one hot ticket, but i will deviate a bit from her advice.
there is nothing in the recipe that would go bad if it were stored uncooked 7 days in the coldest part of the frig [lower left rear corner]. the worry would be the noodles getting soggy. even if held for just 2 days, i would use undercooked pasta. if needing to be held 4-5 days before cooking, i would cook the pasta 50%. this can, as most things, be tinkered with.
Taste the lasagna 1/2 to 2/3 way through baking;if the pasta seems too hard,prick lasagna all over,and all the way through, w/ a long- pronged fork or a boning knife; drizzle some heavy cream all over these holes, so it will percolate down and more quickly cook the pasta layers.
Ttrockwood March 8, 2019
Yes, but two days would be max. Just take out of fridge about half hr or so before baking, will probably need an extra bit of time to bake.
Don’t forget to let it sit 15-20min from oven before serving so it holds together
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