A question about a recipe: Rosti with Gravlax, Caper Berries and Horsradish Cream

I have a question about step 1 on the recipe "Rosti with Gravlax, Caper Berries and Horsradish Cream" from thirschfeld. It says:

"Place a clean towel under a mandoline and grate the potatoes using the julienned blade and let them fall right onto the towel. Bunch up the corner of the towel and rinse the potatoes under cold running water. Twist the towel forming a tight ball and keep twisting until all the moisture is removed."

Patti Cake


Flavor D. January 1, 2012
Patti Cake - the results of the mandoline grate bland is a "long" julienned (matchstick) cut of potato. Your Cuisinary grater wheel might produce a finer "short" grated potato. The difference of the using either could be a personal preferance. Whether the potato is rinsed in the towel or in a strainer/bowl, it is done to remove excess starch from the potatoes after cutting. Twisting in a towel then removes the excess liquid from the potatoes - liquid is not desired, as it will prevent a crispy finished potato
Patti C. January 1, 2012
Your site is not behaving.... My question is, can I substitute the grater wheel of my Cuisinary for the mandoline? Why rinse the potatoes and then wring them out in a towel? What does this do for the potatoes?
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