What is the best way to store freshly baked bread

I would of course like to make it last



EndlessAppetite January 4, 2012
Allow it to cool to room temperature then store in a brown paper bag on your counter. It will keep for a couple of days like this. I agree with the other answers though--freezing is the way to go. I allow mine to cool, slice it, then freeze.
luvcookbooks January 4, 2012
My husband and I had a long discussion about this in the early part of our marriage. NEVER put bread in the frig to store. On the countertop or in the freezer... but homemade bread doesn't usually last long enough to see the freezer.
bigpan January 2, 2012
If you want it to last longer, leave on counter until room temp,then pop in the freezer. The next day vacuum pack and re-freeze and will last 6 mo. You can also cut in half and freeze halves and pull out as wanted.
Amanda H. January 2, 2012
Freshly baked bread should stay good, uncovered and at room temp, for up to 8 hours.
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