Suggestions for savory baked goods?

I'm baking something for a friend. He prefers savory to sweet. I want to avoid biscuits, because I think they are best eaten when freshly baked. Ideas for savory baked goods that keep?



QueenSashy December 16, 2012
These are my absolute favorites and
healthierkitchen December 16, 2012
How about biscotti? They can be made anywhere from sweet to savory. I've made them with dried pear and rosemary, cranberry and Chinese Five Spice powder and these:
LucyS December 16, 2012
I like to make gougeres for this kind of thing. They do lose a little of their crispness if you keep them in a tupperware, but they're still delicious. Also you can use any cheese and herbs you want, which is really fun. For an election night party I made them with sharp cheddar, crushed red pepper and a bit of cayenne and they tasted exactly like grown-up goldfish crackers.
Monita December 15, 2012
I don't think the quiche will get soggy or sweat if it's cooled completely before covering. Some quiches can even be frozen and the re-heated
CrashKate December 15, 2012
I realize its a biscuit but rosemary or lavender shortbread is fabulous this time of year, and not too sweet!
ivysmushbowl December 15, 2012
Cheese and spinach scones!
Sadassa_Ulna December 14, 2012
I am looking forward to trying this myself:
tjrf915 December 14, 2012
I made this savory shortbread the other day and it is absolutely delicious (particularly with the smoked salmon on top)

and this onion cheese pull apart bread is one of my absolute favorite recipes. While it is definitely divine straight out of the oven, it is good room temperature, and is very conducive to reheating - you could include instructions to stick the loaf back in the oven wrapped in foil for a few minutes to reheat. YUM
mbt December 14, 2012
This goat cheese biscotti is delicious, relatively easy to make and very impressive. The savory biscotti keep well in an air tight sealed container for up to a few weeks. I usually use Italian spices instead of the herbs de Provence in the recipe:
la D. December 13, 2012
I always enjoy baking Nigella Lawson's Blue Cheese Crackers. They are savory and really tasty!
drbabs December 13, 2012
These have been in my family for ages:
And this quick bread by merrill is wonderful:
ChefJune December 13, 2012
You could make a wonderful bread (could be a filled bread, like a pepperoni bread, or a nut bread. could be a challah or a rustic wheat bread. Or how about a leek and bacon pie? 9 or a Tartiflette? Or a savory Fig and Onion tart?
Monita December 13, 2012
How about a quiche. Here are a variety of recipes
Or a focaccia bread (
passifloraedulis December 15, 2012
Monita, do you think the quiche might "sweat" or get soggy? (Have I been doing it wrong?)
HalfPint December 13, 2012
Some savory baked goodies: crackers, cheese straws (either the traditional or the stuff made with puff pastry), frico, shortbread (not too sweet, almost savory), grissini
passifloraedulis December 13, 2012
Any specific recipes that you like? Thanks!
HalfPint December 13, 2012
For the crackers:

Cheese straws:



HalfPint December 13, 2012
Sorry for the mess, I don't know what's going on with the Hotline, but the links are all there.
passifloraedulis December 15, 2012
It looks fine from my phone...thanks for all these great suggestions!
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